If you are cooking with beef, these are the spices you need to have in your pantry

When cooking at home, it can be a daunting task to know what spices to add to your meal to make it both taste delicious but also knowing what spices work best with others. We have taken the hassle away by preparing pre-packaged spices for you to use at home tonight.

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Chicken Spices

Spices to use with Chicken that are packed with flavour

We have prepared some of the most favourite spices that work great with chicken so you can cook at home with ease.

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  • Fundraise with Spices

    Order your fundraising packs today and start raising money for your school, scout group, footy club or social group while, at the same time raising the culinary expertise of those around you. Get in touch today!

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Satisfying Soups

Soups ready for the whole family

From Laksa, Spicy Pumpkin, Seafood Chowder to Indian Dahl, Saucy Spice has a soup that will suit any meal

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Delicious Dips

Dips perfect for parties, snacks and more

From Middle Eastern Dukkah, Chilli Dikkah to Piri Piri Portuguese Fiery Dip, Saucy Spice has a delicious dip ready for you

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Looking for Bulk Spices?

Wholesale prices for Bulk Spices

Saucy Spice Co is now offering wholesale prices on bulk spices to restaurant, cafe, butcher shops and home users. We are delighted to be able to pass on the freshness and savings to those businesses and people who are discerning enough to appreciate both. We have kept our prices to you at a very reasonable level and we are sure that you will be surprised at the savings we can offer on bulk spice distribution. We are also expanding into more product all the time, including a greater herb and spice range, bulk nuts and dried fruit.

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