At a time when people are more aware of the effects of a healthy diet on our wellbeing than ever before, more and more schools, sporting clubs and community groups are looking for a fundraising alternative to the traditional chocolate drive or cake stall.

So why not take the next step? Order your fundraising packs today and start raising money for your school, scout group, footy club or social group while, at the same time raising the culinary expertise of those around you. Who knows, they might even invite you around for a curry!

Below you will find links to:

1. Letter to parents/members of your organisation.

2. Product Information Flyer.

3. Order Forms.

4. Master Order Sheet.

5. Brochure


Put the Letter, Flyer, Order Forms & Brochure together to send out to your parents/members.

Simply click on the link, make the changes relevant to your school/organisation, print and make as many copy’s as you need.

Once you have received the orders from your buyers, fill out the master order sheet and email it to us at or send to:

The Saucy Spice Co
PO Box 357
Fax to (02) 6495-7949
You can pay by cheque, card or Electronic Funds Transfer to:
Saucy Spice Co
BSB: 032 704
ACC: 159 817 (Westpac)


Remember your price is $4.00 for the packs retailing at $6.50 and $4.75 for the packs retailing at $7.00. Great healthy fair priced fundraising. You make $2.25 - $2.50 per pack.